7 Ways to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement Rate

There are 7 ways you can increase your Pinterest engagement rate.

The first way to increase your Pinterest engagement considerably is by having engaged Pinterest followers in the first place. To have engaged followers, an effective strategy is to follow users who engage with similar pins as yours. Simply type in the search bar on Pinterest, keywords relevant to your business, such as “workout for women” and click on them to see who has engaged by leaving a comment. Then, click on the name of the Pinterest users who have left a comment. When you do, you’ll be redirected to their profile and you’ll be able to follow them. When implementing this Pinterest marketing strategy however, make sure you don’t follow too many people as Pinterest can block your Pinterest account from following more people or at worse, suspend your account. Follow an average of 50 people a day maximum, to keep your Pinterest account safe. You’ll notice when there’s a big difference between the people you follow and the number of Pinterest followers you have, Pinterest can stop you from following more people until the difference is smaller. To avoid this from happening, a useful tool you can use is pinfollow.net. This tools allows you to unfollow people who haven’t followed you back.

The second way to increase Pinterest engagement when using Pinterest for marketing is by publishing multi-dimensional pins as opposed to one-dimensional pins. In other words, you should publish different types of pins instead of always publishing the same types. For example, you can vary your pins between videos, how-to pins, cartoon-like images, quotes, infographics, product displays, statements, pictures of people, before and after pictures, promotional pins, buyable pins, recipes, close ups, etc…
When you publish various types of pins you avoid falling in the trap of becoming predictable and boring which can affect your Pinterest engagement rate.

The third way to increase your Pinterest engagement rate when using Pinterest for business is by publishing creative, unique, original pins. On Pinterest, the pins that have received the most engagement are the pins that are unlike any other images.
When creating pins, they should be 735 x 1102 pixels ideally.

The fourth way to increase your Pinterest engagement rate when using Pinterest for marketing is by including keyword rich board names and descriptions and keyword rich pin names and descriptions. Every time you upload pins, Pinterest will ask you to name your pin and also include a brief description for your pin. By including certain keywords in the name and description, you increase your chances of your pin appearing in the search results for these keywords. For example, should you be uploading a vegan and gluten free recipe, instead of naming the pin “food I like” for example, name the pin “Fast vegan and gluten free dinner recipe”. Include these keywords in the description too. For example, your description could be “This vegan and gluten free recipe takes only 20 minutes to make and makes a perfectly healthy dinner”.

The fifth way to increase your Pinterest engagement rate when using Pinterest for business is by engaging with other Pinterest users. The more you engage with other pins, the more likely people will engage with yours because you’ll be on their radar. Simply type in the search box keywords relevant to your business to find related pins. Then, click on the pin to leave a comment. Make sure that your comment is insightful and provides valuable information to stand out from other comments. For example, should you be in the essential oils industry, don’t leave comments such as “interesting information, thanks”. Instead, add further information you may know about what is being shared on the pin.

The sixth way to increase your Pinterest engagement rate when using Pinterest for marketing is by tracking your pins. When you have a business Pinterest account, you’ll be able to access analytics. In the analytics section, you’ll see which pins are the best performing and resonating the best with your audience. Look closely at the pins which have the biggest number of “saves” which is the equivalent of a “like” and check what they have in common. You’ll start seeing a pattern with the pins which have the highest engagement rate. By having access to this information, you’ll be able to publish content that is more aligned with what your audience is after and therefore, more engaging.

Lastly, to increase your engagement rate, you can promote your pins using Pinterest ads. To do so, you’ll need to have a business Pinterest account. If you don’t, simply go to business.pinterest.com and click on “convert”. This will automatically turn your standard Pinterest account into a business account. Then, simply click on the plus sign on the top right hand side of your account, click on “create ad”, choose “boost engagement with your Pins” and follow the prompts.