Instagram for Business: Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs

If you have an online store, then you’re probably already thinking about using Instagram for business. Thing is, so are all of your competitors. So how can you cut through the clutter and make noise for your business? With some valuable social media marketing for entrepreneurs guidance!

This video looks at Instagram for business tips and tricks. We’ll go over the best Instagram hacks to set your brand apart and increase the impact of your social media marketing.

We’ll start by looking at some of the practical steps you can take to hack Instagram for your business. For example, setting your account to a “business account” will send a signal to Instagram’s algorithms and distinguish your account from your followers’ personal contacts.

Then you’ll learn about simple Instagram for business tips and tricks you can use to generate more interest on Instagram. That includes Instagram account takeovers, Instagram live feeds, Instagram carousels, and lots more.

This crash course on Instagram for business tips and tricks will also give some guidelines for how to interact with you fans – and your haters. After all, as you ramp up sales and get more Instagram followers, chances are you’ll run into detractors. We give you simple tips for how to handle that, as well as how to amplify the Instagram love you receive.

And finally, this tutorial on Instagram for business tips and tricks will show you how to take full advantage of the one thing that makes Instagram so special: photos. You’ll learn Instagram hacks for how to create more engaging photos and how to make your Instagram photos shoppable.


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