Content Marketing – How to Write Great Content for the Web?

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Hi everyone my name is Lokesh Kaushik. In this video about content marketing, I am going to tell you how to write a great content.

In other words, how can you write the copy that sells?

Let’s get started.

As you are aware how much importance does the content plays in the success of your business by increasing your brand awareness & generating leads and sales.

You have to create engaging content.

The reason is clear & simple, People sees your content, read it and once they found it useful they engage with it and even share it on their social media channels.

If your content is not good or engaging, the chances are you won’t get much success out of it.

My Another Tip is:

Before you start writing your content, make sure you do your keyword research in order to find out what keywords are popular and are searched more. Use those keywords in your content and you will see getting more visitors to your website.

Tools you can use:

• Keyword Planner
• Uber Suggest
• Market Samurai

Now let’s talk about what you need to do in case of writing blog articles?

Your Headlines have to be catchy, that explains to the readers what is the benefit they are going to get from it?

The examples of few headlines are:

1. 10 Free social media tool you must use.
2. 7 Benefits of waking up early. The 6th one will shock you!
3. 5 SEO mistakes you are making & how to solve them?
4. How to decrease your website’s bounce rate?
5. Is your Marketing Strategy strong enough?

Use AIDA Formula when you write content:

AIDA stands for


Now, let me explain you this in brief.


Grab the attention of your readers using powerful & catchy headlines that describes why you need to read this article. Such as 7 Tips to Get more followers on social media.

Keep your headlines short and not more than 10 words.

This headline tells the reader what this article is about. It makes it clear that they are going to get 7 tips which they can use to get more social media followers.

Use Co-Schedule Analyser to check the score of your headline. This tool gives you score based on your use of Common, Uncommon, Power & Emotional words.


Grab their interest by connecting with their problem. Share your experience with the problem or tell them if you have any story that relates to that problem. This will increase the interest of your reader because now he feels much more connected with it.


Make them feel the Transformation by explaining to them how they can get benefited from your product or service. This will help them take a decision and most probably will be in your favour.


In the end, tell them what action you want them to take such as Buy Now! Subscribe, Download Free PDF etc.


In the end, I would like to say that you need to do proper planning before you start writing the content. This includes Keyword Research, answers what benefits your readers are going to get from it. Writing great headlines and using AIDA formula.

Using these tips in your copyrighting will surely get you better results.

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