Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

Frustrated and not seeing any return from your content marketing?

This is the video you need to watch.

Here’s the thing: Content marketing in 2019, simply put, works. 🔥

The reality of blogging and content marketing ROI is growing greater year by year, as consumers get smarter and ads lose ROI.

BUT, here’s the secret most marketers don’t share about content marketing.

It doesn’t work if you don’t set it up to work.

Watch today’s video for 3 ways to set up your content marketing foundations to start earning (and seeing) real results online.



“Content marketing takes 12+ months” is from Joe Pulizzi’s study-backed article, “New Research B2C Marketers Need to Give Content Marketing Time”, https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2016/10/research-b2c-content-marketing/

Hubspot studied over 13,500 bloggers and found that the more blog posts published, the more inbound traffic publishers got to their website, and companies that have published 401+ blog posts get 2x as much traffic as those that have less than 400. Study: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/blogging-frequency-benchmarks

The ROA (return of advertising) is .6x today, down from a whopping 11.8x ROA in 2016. From the Ad Strategist study: https://theadstrategist.com/bro-marketing/

The ROI (return of investment) of organic content is anywhere from 14%-16% of traffic (conversion into sales): https://www.smartbugmedia.com/blog/what-percentage-of-organic-search-traffic-should-be-converting-into-leads

Good reasons why WordPress is the most SEO-friendly platform: https://torquemag.io/2017/03/best-cms-for-seo/

Here’s my blog on how to do keyword research, Your Nutshell Guide: How to Find Killer SEO Keywords for Your Online Content:

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Read my top takeaways from Amanda Bond’s in-depth study on the ROA (return-on-advertising) of FB ads:

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