The BEST Content Marketing Strategy for Online Therapists

It’s challenging for therapists – both online and brick and mortar – to break out of obscurity and grab the attention of our future clients. The challenge of getting our potential client’s attention is compounded by the fact that content marketing is difficult and takes a good amount of energy to sustain. But, the rewards can be great because if we can connect with potential clients, that means they can come to know who we are and what kinds of services we can offer. I don’t have to explain that if our potential clients can’t find us, then they can’t book with us because they won’t know we exist.

This video presents an approach to becoming a content creator that is going to allow you to break out of obscurity and begin to reach clients where they are – online. By making a video a day for 30 days, you will break out of your shell and learn to come alive online by using your skill of learning new things to get good at something you never thought you could get good at – creating content!

If you are not communicating with your clients where they are – online – then you will miss out on the true power of social media marketing. You will also miss out on the enormous potential of organic social media marketing that allows you to bring content consumers into your ecosystem so that they eventually become your clients.

So, for this inaugural video of the Online Therapist Academy, I invite you to join me in becoming a content creator and start by making one video a day for 30 days. When you do the 30-day challenge, you’re going to witness the power of action and your engagement and traffic to things like your website, Psychology Today profile or your Instagram and Facebook pages will balloon!

Watch this video and get out there and learn a new content marketing strategy that you can leverage to make your business grow. By making a video, you will be on your way to guaranteeing your long-term business success!

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