Content Marketing Strategy: How To Pick Your Topics

Content is king to increase brand awareness and drive new revenue opportunities for your business, but HOW DO YOU PICK TOPICS?

It’s easy to quickly get exhausted on “what to talk about” if you’re producing a lot of content. The goal of any content is to provide value to your target demographic, but what steps should you go through to create you content marketing strategy?

In this video Kyle breaks down the simple approach of looking at two main categories for content:
– Value rich content
– SEO driven content

If you break your content strategy into two main buckets of either; High Value or High Search this can quickly reduce the stress of your content strategy.

Value Rich – This is content that will provide your target demographic with some great insight, education, or actionable and tangible tactics. The search volume might not be high, but you know that your audience will love it.

SEO Driven – This is content that has a high search volume but might be a little basic for your specific target. If the “decision makers” for your service business are VP’s and C-Level employees then basic content might not provide them with a ton a value…however it shows the search engines like Google that you are a subject matter expert.

Once you get over your content marketing topic hurdle, you will find it a lot easier to produce consistent quality content…just don’t focus on perfection or you’ll always be stuck.

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