Content Marketing Strategy for 2019 | The Business Podcast

How to create a Content Marketing Strategy in 2019.

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Do you use content marketing in your business? Do you have a content marketing strategy to get your brand noticed in 2019?

Content marketing has been around for a long time and, in recent years, has become known as the absolute most important form of marketing for pretty much any business type.

The problem with content marketing is that it demands a LOT of output. to see your business featured on all media platforms takes effort and having to reinvent the wheel each time can be draining to say the least.

In this episode of The Business Podcast I’m going to tell you why you need to use content marketing and, more importantly, how to do it on a huge scale and with less pressure to come up with brand new ideas by repurposing your content.


Steve Hodgkinson is an Entrepreneur and a highly active Business Coach. His unique approach sees him using his engineering mindset to break down and evaluate the best methods for all business owners to move forward with their branding, sales and marketing, and also the building of community around their product / service.

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