3 Instagram Growth Hacking Tips For Your Fundraiser | Funds2Orgs Tuesday Tip

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One of our highest performing videos last year happened to be about fundraising on Facebook. We looked at our stats and decided to focus some time on videos dedicated to fundraising on social media in 2018!

One issue we’ve run into when helping shoe drive partners is helping them spread the word about their shoe drive fundraiser on social media. The issue isn’t posting but more so growing support for Instagram accounts. We’re going to teach you a few growth hacking tips for your fundraiser on Instagram.

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0:22 Tip 1: Search For Instagram Hashtags Relevant To Your Cause
2:02 Tip 2: Engage With Followers & Seek Out Engagement
3:00 Tip 3: Quality & Consistency With Posting

Did these 3 Instagram growth hacking tips help you? Let us know in the comments and we can continue this conversation!

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