3 Steps to Growth Hacking a Machine Learning App

Gabriel Aldamiz-echevarría (on Twitter @aldamiz), the CEO of Chicisimo has shared some great information with app marketers and growth hackers about how his team grew their fashion app from 0 → 4 million users.

Reading this post made me realize how much incredible data can be gathered, used, and monetized when people are using an app. It also is a great example of a pathway from 0 users to enough users that building machine learning recommendation engines and predictive algorithms is possible. Read his full post here: https://medium.com/@aldamiz/how-we-grew-from-0-to-4-million-women-on-our-fashion-app-with-a-vertical-machine-learning-approach-f8b7fc0a89d7

Also, in the video I mentioned that Facebook has recently patented a “social class determining” engine. You can take a look at this link: https://www.cbinsights.com/research/facebook-patent-socioeconomic-detection