Social Network Marketing: 3 Effective Social Media Conversation Tips to Get Sales & Signups Fast

Social Network Marketing: 3 Effective Social Media Conversation Tips to Get Sales & Signups Fast
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00:56 A Network Marketers biggest asset on social media
01:55 Social network marketing conversation tip#1
03:38 The 1 thing you MUST avoid in your social media conversations
04:32 Social media communication tip #2
05:51 Social media network marketing conversation tip #3

Your ability to communicate with your prospects is probably the biggest factor in your success as a online network marketer.
I truly believe that its not your sales funnels or your products or business opportunity or up line or whatever that makes the difference between successful and unsuccessful network marketing campaigns.

The biggest driver is your ability to make people feel like they like you, can trust you, and you get them.

People are most likely to join you and partner with you if you communicate with them like real people. How can you make your social media conversations with prospects more human and still
close the sale or signup fast?

Tip 1:
Just connect. Social media is about connecting and meeting new people. Be social. Be interested truly in what people are doing and what is happening in their lives.

I think that far too often we are so focused on the next sale and who is going to be the one to put food on the table that we see our prospects as dollar signs and we talk to them accordingly.
Social media is very much everything that is network marketing but online. So treat it as such.

Tip 1b:
Don’t be lazy with your conversations. The beauty about social media and especially Facebook is you can see your prospects life right in front of you.

Asking a question on Facebook messenger like “How are you doing?” is a weak and effortless approach to connecting.

A stronger energetic approach would be to ask a specific question that relates to something specific you identified on their
profile that you can connect and relate together with. Find something in common you can both connect on which builds massive rapport.

Tip 2
Be present in your conversations. I feel like my biggest pet-peave with network marketers who connect on social media is asking questions you already know the answer to.

For example, why ask your prospect “So what do you do?”, when if you go to their profile it doesn’t take but 5 seconds to see clearly your prospect is in home based business or network marketing?

Once again its lazy communication folks. It also tells your prospect you’re not really interested in them because you didn’t even bother to click one button to scan their profile for a few seconds.


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Social Network Marketing: 3 Effective Social Media Conversation Tips to Get Sales & Signups Fast

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